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Changing weather means changing needs for our skin. Find your new favorite clean beauty product here.

join us on the meadows!

We are flower growers, goat farmers, beekeepers, artists, and lovers of the simple things in life. We care about our animals and our land as much as we care about the products we produce. Here you'll find a collection of lovingly crafted goods that bring us back to simpler times and deeper connections to the world around us.

farm to skin

farm-crafted skincare

Harnessing the power of plants to provide our skin with the gentle care it deserves, we grow many ingredients ourselves to ensure the highest quality.


beeswax + Honey

Spa and Wellness

handmade from the hive

There is a great deal of medicine to be found in a beehive. As beekeepers, we care for our bees and only harvest the excess to use in our products.

Naturally Simple

We appreciate fine craftsmanship. We love sustainable, natural things. Our homes are filled with handcrafted and functional pieces from near and far. Many of the items featured in our Market Place are crafted by friends, some family. You'll also find a selection of the things we surround ourselves with that simply make us happy. Shop the ever changing collection to see what we're loving in our own homes!