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Meet the gypsies


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Who are we? So glad you asked!
Two plant growing, goat nurturing, bee loving, crafty country girls who teamed up to share our passions for natural based skin care, healthier living, natural remedies and other crafty creations for the home and garden.

Put simply, two girls who like gardening, animals and making good stuff.
Erin had been keeping bees for almost 20 years. She's a mom, an animal lover, a life-long gardener, and a creative. Beekeeper's Garden is a reflection of all of those passions.
Respect for the bees, the plants, the animals, and the land is the highest priority in crafting the products that are offered under Beekeepers Garden.

Tina's journey started some 20 years ago when she struggled with her own skin issues and was disappointed with the lack of results from conventional skincare products. She was determined to find a better way. That's when she decided to do some research and experiment with formulating skincare products in her kitchen. This led to the creation of Be Love Organic's first product, the Botanical Balm, over a decade ago.


We met in 2019 and after talking about goats, plants and the stuff we were making at home, Gypsy Meadows Market was formed.
Everything we create is inspired by the plants we grow, the honey we harvest, the fresh goat milk we collect and our love for simple healthy choices.


small farms.

big hearts.

We are passionate about caring for not just our animals but the land that we live on. Organic and sustainable are not just "buzz words" here, though there is plenty of buzzing most days!

We love being on the farm, surrounded by gardens, meadows, and of course animals! Who doesn't love goats?! We hope you'll feel this love in each of the products we offer.

tina + erin


Farm Grown Ingredients ~ No Synthetics ~ Cruelty-Free ~ Bee Friendly ~ No Fillers ~ No Gluten Added ~ No Soy Added ~ Nontoxic ~ Plant-Based ~ 100% Non-GMO / Organic ~  pH Optimized ~ Proven Ingredients ~ Therapeutic-Grade ~ Thoughtfully Crafted ~ Sustainably Sourced ~ Handcrafted Small Batches in the USA ~ Woman-Owned

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