Meet the artisans

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BeeKeepers Garden

Erin Holko

The products offered under her Beekeeper's Garden brand are handcrafted items, all containing hive products and botanical ingredients harvested from happy bees and healthy plants at Erin's own nearby farm.


the Soul In Bloom

Graciel Evenstar

Graciel's love for flowers has expanded to her devotion for organically grown tea and everyday well being. Creating original recipes for her hand blended teas and tisanes, most of which include dried flowers.


Julia Assad

Julia Assad

As a self taught artist, Julia finds painting as a way to unwind and escape from the daily stresses. She's inspired by nature, her love of birds and horses and feels most at peace walking in the woods. Her popular watercolor notecards can be found in the link below.

IMG_1646 (Edited).PNG

Be Love Organic

Tina Bonifacio

Be Love Organic skin care products are formulated with a focus on using the best, clean, simple ingredients, with many of the botanicals grown or harvested right on the farm. 


Jen Stockman Designs

Jen Stockman

With a passion for textiles Jen loves to pursue fun and useful ways of incorporating fabric into eco-friendly possibilities. She started the "Napkin Project" as a way to reduce waste and bring pretty back to the table.  You'll find a wonderful selection of textile items from napkins to bedding and clothing to bags.


Arts of the Earth

Sue Bonifacio

Sue has been creating all her life in various mediums and skill. The past 10 years she has focused on wood-burning and pine-needle baskets. Each thing she creates is unique and one of a kind, made with incredible passion and attention to detail.