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be love organic | tina bonifacio

Tina Bonifacio is the master behind the BE LOVE ORGANIC skin care line. Tina has many talents that are non-farm related, but her passion for her animals, land, and products she creates is evident when you talk to her. From the sweet goats to the medicinal herb gardens, her farm is truly a special place and you'll feel that in the products produced there.


BE LOVE Organic skin care products are formulated with a focus on using the best, simple ingredients, with 80% of the botanicals grown or harvested right on the farm. This 33 acre farm is located just east of the village of East Aurora and is home to a herd of adorable goats, babydoll sheep, chickens, and honeybees. All of the goat milk we use in our skin care products comes from the girls on this farm.


The meadows, which are the inspiration for the name Gypsy Meadows Market, are the source of many of our foraged medicinal plants. In addition to the foraged materials, there are gardens filled with various other botanical ingredients used in our products.

beekeepers's garden | erin holko

Erin Holko is a beekeeper and life-long gardener. Having grown up working in her family's garden center, she has always had an appreciation for growing pretty things. After becoming a mom and then a beekeeper, her focus shifted from growing plants that are just pretty to growing plants with a purpose. Plants are both food and medicine for us and for the bees, and combining beekeeping and gardening is where Erin has found her happy place.

The products offered under her Beekeeper's Garden brand are handcrafted items, all containing hive products and botanical ingredients harvested from happy bees and healthy plants at Erin's own nearby farm.

Erin's small farm is located just outside of the village of East Aurora and is home to a variety of animals, including alapcas, goats, chickens, and honeybees. And dogs. Always dogs.

This farm produces the beeswax and honey for many of our products, as well as a variety of medicinal herbs that are both grown and foraged organically and sustainably.

the soul in bloom

A Floral Designer by trade, Graciel's love for flowers has expanded to her devotion for organically grown tea and everyday well being. Creating original recipes for her hand blended teas and tisanes, most of which include dried flowers. Flowers for Wellness is her practice and philosophy. Nature, in general, and flowers, in particular, are a simple solution to a more balanced daily life. Drinking the life-force of plants and flowers is a supportive measure for more peace within.




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