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  • Where do your ingredients come from?
    So glad you asked! We grow, forage and harvest as many of the botanical ingredients as we can right here on the farm. Things like: -chamomile -lavender -calendula -selfheal -plaintain -marshmallow -rose -holybasil -rosemary, just to name a few. We also harvest wax from our bee hives and gather fresh goats milk from our herd. Any ingredients that need to be ordered are sourced from sustainable growers or verified suppliers.
  • Are your products Natural and Organic?
    Let's clarify what those words actually mean... "Natural" is a marketing term and can mean anything. What we mean when we use it is, we use whole plants and plant-based oils, butters, clays, hydrosols, and essential oils. We do not use any synthetic ingredients, and nothing in derived from petrochemicals. Our products are minimally processed, meaning fewer steps from plant to face. “Organic” is a certification for farming and manufacturing practices, and there are several different bodies who do this on the state, federal, and international level. This certification comes with a cost, which means only larger scale farms are able to obtain it. We try to use USDA, Certified Organic / Oregon Tilth ingredients whenever possible. Our own farms are too small for certification, but we adhere to strict organic and/or biodynamic practices.
  • A previous version of your products had a different texture/color/smell. What gives?
    Did we mention we use real plants? Sometimes, there are variations from batch to batch because plants change. Most companies use chemicals to ensure totally consistent batches. We don’t do that. We are also constantly searching for the best suppliers out there, so if we find a better farm or oil distillery, the resulting products might change (we hope for the better!)
  • Are Your Products VEGAN?
    With the exception of a few, most of our products contain beeswax and the goat milk soaps & lotions contain...milk, which would of course not be considered Vegan. We can say that we've never tested on animals, nope, we test on ourselves, close friends and family...
  • Do you sell to wholesale accounts?
    Yes! We would be happy to chat with you about placing a wholesale order. Please send us an email to request wholsale pricing information.
  • Can you create custom products?
    Yes, absolutely! Because we work in small batches anyhow, it's actually quite easy for us make custom orders. We've done wedding and shower favors, custom soap blends for stores, even personalized lip balms! We love collaborating and we'd be happy to hear your ideas.
  • Can I visit the farm?
    During the spring and summer months, our Farm Shop is open to the public and many of our classes are hosted right on the Meadows! Please check our calendar for opportunities to visit us at the farm.
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