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Welcome to the Meadows: where true natural skin care, seed-to-skin, wildcrafted wellness grows

Gypsy Meadows Market is a hidden gem in the bustling world of commerce, standing as a testament to the vision of its founders, Tina Bonifacio and Erin Holko. This unique business embodies the harmony between nature and beauty, offering a haven for nature enthusiasts and organic product lovers.

a girl gathering botanicals in a garden by a meadow
Gypsy Meadows, East Aurora NY

The name "Gypsy Meadows Market" originates from the idyllic location where botanicals thrive, bees flourish, and happy goats roam freely. The market comprises two distinct lines: "Be Love Organic Skin Care" and "Bee Keepers Garden," each with its own essence, utilizing ingredients grown and harvested from the farm.

"Be Love Organic Skin Care" caters to conscientious consumers who care about their skin's well-being and the simplicity of nature. The products are crafted with all-natural goodness, devoid of harmful chemicals or synthetic additives, using farm-grown botanicals to redefine skincare as a nurturing ritual in harmony with nature.

a display of Gardeners Hand Soap with a little chick

"Bee Keepers Garden" attracts eco-conscious customers captivated by the healing nature of bees and their essential role in the ecosystem. This line offers lip balms, salves, and healing remedies infused with beeswax, propolis, and honey, blending traditional wisdom with modern sensibilities.

Gypsy Meadows Market is committed to sustainability, integrating ethical and environmentally responsible practices in its core operations. From cultivating botanicals to nurturing the land, the business sets an inspiring example of commerce and environmental stewardship coexisting in perfect harmony.

In a world dominated by mass-produced items, Gypsy Meadows Market fosters creativity and offers unique, slow-crafted products that reflect and appreciate natures pace. Supporting such small businesses is vital as they promote a sense of community and appreciation for artistry and craftsmanship.

Among the product highlights is the "Calendula + Rose Hip Bath/Body Oil," a luxurious and soothing handcrafted offering made in small batches from farm-harvested ingredients. Soothing Calendula nurtures the skin and promotes cell turnover, while Rosehip's potent properties rejuvenate and repair. Experience deep hydration and a youthful glow as the oil pampers your skin, unlocking nature's secrets for lasting suppleness.

be love organics Calendula + Rosehip Bath and Body oil with a dry brush

The "Clean Beauty Starter Set" is another must-try offering, showcasing the power of clean beauty with farm-fresh ingredients for a naturally radiant you. Revitalize your skin with Rose and Jasmine Day Crème, infused with hydrating hyaluronic acid. Renew tired eyes with the Mango and Chamomile Eye Balm, providing soothing relief. Balance and tone with a Hibiscus Toner, leaving a radiant glow. Nourish with top-selling Dandelion and Calendula Skin Serum, promoting a youthful complexion. Embrace the power of clean beauty for a naturally radiant you. Experience the perfect harmony of botanical wonders in one set. One of the best selling items is the "Gardeners Hand Salve" , always a favorite for not only gardeners but artists, nurses, workmen, makers and any one experiencing dry, cracked tender hands (and heels too).

We truly believe that less is more, and your skin deserves the best.

Gypsy Meadows Market is more than just a business; it is a commitment to sustainability and love for nature that exemplifies the perfect harmony between the earth's bounty and beauty.

co-founders Tina Bonifacio and Erin Holko sitting on a split rail fence at Gypsy Meadows

co-founders Tina Bonifacio + Erin Holko

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