A trio of flower-powered salve to help you through the day!


This gift set includes a balm to CALM, one to SOOTHE. and one to WARM.


Calming lavender and cooling peppermint are combined in our CALM + COOL salve. This one is great as a stress-reliever, and just a whiff of the aromas can remind us to calm down and cool off. 


Calendula is the star of the SOOTHE salve, as calendula has remarkable skin-soothing properties. We love this for rashy, itchy skin. It has just a hint of a citrus framgrance and smells kinda like sunshine.


The WARM salve is a special one. It contains St. Johns wort, which when used topically has been shown to reduce pain and inflammation. The warming part comes in with the adition of cayenne pepper, which helps to warm and loosen sore muscles and joints. This is a go-to after a long day of working in the gardens or barns. 

Beeswax Botanical Salve Trio

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