1oz reusable tin


Nothing fancy here. These salves are simple combinations of a skin-nourishing oil, a botanical powerhouse, and the protection of beeswax.


St. Johns wort Warming Salve is the one we reach for when we feel those deep aches and pains. St. Johns wort has been used in healing for centuries to treat muscle pain and bruises. The addition of cayenne pepper gently warms the muscles and helps increase circulation to the area. A touch of clove oil adds even more healing power and makes this balm perfect for a deep massage.



Beeswax, St. Johns wort




St. johns wort and cayenne infused sweet almond oil, beeswax, clove essential oil



Use fingertips to rub a bit of the balm into affected areas. Great as a massage balm. We use it regularly for lower back tightness. A note of caution: The cayenne pepper can cause irritation. Use care in application and avoid sensitive areas.


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Beeswax Salve - Warming St. Johns Wort