If you're a bath person, you already know how a nice soak at the end of the day can relieve stress. If you're not...we'd highly recommend it if you can. No tub? Try a foot bath!


The combination of fragrant rose petals and lavender blossoms smells like a relaxing summer garden. Put the power of soothing salts to work with these botanicals and you can actually sooth minor aches and pains, reduce swelling, and alleviate itchiness.




rose petals, lavender blossoms



Epsom salt, sea salt, dried rose petals, dried lavender blossoms


TO USE: drop one (or more!) bags into the bath under the faucet and fill tub with warm water. The more of the salt you add to the water, the more you'll experience the benefits of them, so don't be shy.


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Botanical Bath Soak