Our flocks are pasture-raised. That means they have access to outdoors all year long, eating and foraging in the meadows (and sometimes sneaking in the garden). They also have access to hand-mixed grains and otherwise expired produce - especially in the winter months.


Eggs are hand gathered each day and come in a variety of colors. Surprise! Eggs aren't just brown and white. 


Commercial eggs are required to be pre-washed, and honestly, considering the living circumstances of many of the birds, it’s better that way. However, farm fresh eggs are a different story. You don’t actually NEED to wash your eggs, although there are some circumstances where you may want to. When eggs are laid, there is a protective covering called the "bloom" on the outside of the shell. The bloom protects bacteria from entering the egg. This is also how the eggs stay fresh while the hen lays enough eggs to get a clutch to hatch. The bloom is such an amazing protective coating, that you don’t even need to refrigerate fresh eggs. They will last for weeks on the counter.


Fresh eggs are available seasonally, and quantitie are limited. Please place your order for local pick-up and we'll let you know when your eggs are ready!


Farm Fresh Eggs - One Dozen