Raw, local and so delicious.


By now you've heard about the benefits of eating raw honey, but do you really know what that means? When we say "raw" honey, we mean that it has never been heat treated for any reason. Heat destroys many of the compounds and enzymes in honey that make it good for our bodies. We never heat our honey, allowing all of the good stuff to remain.


Raw honey is antimicrobial and antiinflammatory, both important in natural medicine. .We use honey as a sweetener, of course, but we also incorporate it into many of our natural remedies and skincare products.


Our honey is gently harvested from our own hives, from happy healthy bees. Some years, we have lots. Others, not as much. That's because we are beekeepers first, and honey harvesters second, The health of our bees is incredibly important to us so we only harvest the excess, leaving plenty left for the bees. 


Since bees collect nectar from a wide variety of flowers, the color and flavor of the honey will vray from season to season and year to year. Every bottle will be slightly different, but all sweet and wonderfully delicious!

Local Raw Honey