1/2 oz, 1 oz and 2oz reusable glass jar


A must have! Especially during cold season, our herbal version of a time-tested favorite accomplished all of the same things, without using any synthetic ingredients. A deeply comforting chest and neck rub, this formulation utilizes pure menthol and eucalyptus to relax and release upper respiratory tightness due to colds, stress and allergies. It also works wonders on stiff or strained muscles, headaches and tension, and can provide sinus pressure relief.






organic sweet almond oil infused with farm grown eucalyptus, organic shea butter, farm harvested bees wax, pure menthol crystals, vitamin E, essential oil blend of lemon eucalyptus and tea tree.



  • Colds; apply to chest or neck area to relieve congestion, relax tension and aid in good night sleep.
  • Sinus and Headaches; apply to temples, back of neck and under the nasal passages to ease tensions and improve breathing
  • Muscular Tensions; massage into sore, achy muscles and relax tensions from a variety of conditions like flu or illness or a day of activity


* Added bonus - Some customers have reported it works well at repelling pesky summer bugs too....



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Menthol + Eucalyptus Rub