Tea. Nature. Joy. And flowers. Always, flowers.


External skin care is enhanced by internal nourishment. All organic, herbal GLOW Tea is formulated to cleanse your blood, soothe your nerves, strengthen your liver, cleanse your lymph glands, aid digestion, break down obstacles that cause skin issues, support your immune system, soothe inflammation and taste delightful. This tea is meant to be an adjunct to your committed skin care routine.


Ingredients: organic nettle leaf, organic milk thistle, organic cleavers, organic Oregon grape, organic elder flowers, organic rose petals, organic lavender.



Health Is Wealth.


A nurturing, soothing elixir, Green Goddess Tea begins with a base of organic Dragonwell green tea, known for its gentle, sweet taste with notes of roasted chestnuts.

The addition of rose petals and a dusting of lavender elevate the tea to a calming botanical infusion beyond compare. High in antioxidants and vitamin C. A simple online search reveals the healing constituents of each plant in this blend.


A true modern G O D D E S S takes her health and well being seriously.


Organic ingredients: Dragonwell green tea, rose petals, lavender.



GLOW Organic Tea Blend