1 oz. reusable tin


From the farm: Jewelweed, plantain, beeswax


Ingredients: Plantain and jewelweed infused sweet almond oil, beeswax, bentonite clay, organic tea tree oil


Poison ivy is horrible, and sometimes even those of us who can readily identify it find ourselves with an accidental nasty rash.

This simple salve has become  our go-to for the inevitable poison ivy rash that finds us every summer.


Now, we're not doctors...but we know what helps us when that nasty rash appears. Nature is, if nothing else, brilliant! Jewelweed (impatiens capensis) has long been used in herbal medicine as an "antidote" to poison ivy, interacting on a chemical level with the active irritant in poison ivy. You'll also note that these two plants grow in close proximity to each other.


Applied quickly after exposure, it can help decrease the severity of the irritation.

Plantain (plantago major) is an all-star skin soother and we find it helps instantly soothe the rash when it shows up. We've added bentonite clay to this recipe for its drying properties. Despite our best efforts, sometime that rash gets really ugly, and drying it up helps speed the healing.


*Please note that color and texture may vary in organic products. This is not a defect or sign of inconsistency, but is a testament to the quality and freshness of the ingredients we use.


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Poison Ivy Salve