2 oz glass bottle Farm grown and small batch distilled


Rose hydrosol is great for all skin types and is especially favored as a toner by those with sensitive or mature skin.  She has strong anti-inflammatory properties to help cool and calm skin redness, high in vitamin A and C which are wonderful anti-aging and she is loaded with antioxidants


We like to use after washing face to remove any residual dirt and prep the skin for optimal absorption of moisturizer. Great for all skin types.

Can also be used as a after wash hair tonic.  Spritz on damp hair and comb through.


Hydrosols differ from essential oils. Hydrosols capture the essence of the plant while essential oils are more concentrated.



Our Rose Hydrosol is produced using our farm grown botanicals in our water-steam distiller.

Avoid eye area. Keep away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Discontinue if irritation occurs. Results may vary. External use only.100% natural, no chemical or synthentic ingredients.

Rose Hydrosol